Project Description

Actung Baby


This is no ordinary U2 cover band. Sure, the singer looks exactly like Bono, but that’s just the start. Unlike other U2 cover bands, he actually sounds like Bono! His powerful range and subtle nuances reflect Bono’s unique vocal style to perfection. His charismatic ownership of the stage makes it hard for us to remember that he’s actually not Bono!
U2’s guitarist, The Edge, has undoubtedly invented one of the most unique and recognisable guitar styles to date. With all Edge’s tricks up his sleeve, ACHTUNG BABY’s guitarist has captured his sound and playing style like no other. From the classic melodic picking style, to the amazing shimmering textures and swirling tones, he is guaranteed to move anyone who listens.
Together with the powerful solid beats of the drummer and the melodic grooves of the bass, ACHTUNG BABY are unmistakably the best U2 rock band you will see!
A truly unforgettable show!