Project Description

Delta Goodrem


Here it is. Delta Goodrem’s CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE.

Listen. Enjoy. Jump in. It’s both a very real, yet mystical musical journey

You know, it’s right when all of the stars align

CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE is many things – celebratory, emotional, honest, worldly, other-worldly, cheeky, sexy, womanly, sophisticated.
CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE is, of course, Delta Goodrem’s fourth studio album, the follow-up to her multi-platinum chart-topping DELTA.
In this world
If it’s the only thing I’ve ever learned
Is that everything you love can hurt
And the only thing you are is a Child of the Universe
In the time and space between 2007’s DELTA and now CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE, Delta herself has grown from a 23-year-old young singer-songwriter with three number one albums to her credit, to an artist and woman with the life experience to sculpt a defining musical work.
From the epic and dramatic opening song, the title track “Child Of The Universe”, through to the euphoric hit single “Sitting On Top Of The World” and onto the brooding electro-tinged album closer “Control”, CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE floats and rampages through a rainbow of emotions, from the joyous and open-hearted, to the raw and brutally honest.
In the past, Delta has always described her albums as marking chapters in her own life. But CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE flicks forward some pages, stylistically and spiritually.
“There could have been three albums amongst this one album,” Delta explains. “The biggest challenge with CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE is that I could have switched them all out into different chapters. But when I think of the title CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE, I feel that should be all encompassing and I feel being a child of the universe, you can have all these different pages turn amongst one album and one universe.”
I said to myself, I said to my lover, everything feels your Touch …
Delta recorded 15 tracks for the album, selected from hundreds she has written and co-written in these past years. Among the chosen few that make up CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE, Delta believes are several of the best songs she has ever written, tracks such as the heart-wrenching ballads “I’m Not Ready” and new single “Wish You Were Here” [about the death of one of her closest friends], or the etherealness of “Touch” and, naturally, the spirituality of the title track, “Child Of The Universe”. “All the lyrics signify what I feel about the world right now,” she says. “For the gravity of what I went through in these past couple of years, you have to listen to the rest of the record. It’s all in there.”
As a songwriter, Delta has always worn her heart on her sleeve, and her journey in creating CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE has seen Delta delve deeper than ever in the eternal search for universal truths. “The songs feel so great and lyrically are pushing forward and expressing things I’ve never said before in songs,” she adds. “I was travelling a lot, changing my life up – maybe it was the freedom of turning into myself again.”
Musically, as epic as some of the songs get [just wait until you hear tracks such as “War On Love” and Motown-inspired “When My Star Come Out”], at their centre is a singer/songwriter and her instrument. “My heart and soul is barefooted, at a piano,” says Delta. “And that’s what it is, while playing with the production. It has that essence of being a woman who travels around the world, discovering different theories about how life works and putting it into song.
“When I hear the album, I hear when I was in Bali, I hear when I was in Nashville, New York or LA, London or Brazil. I can hear when I was in Mexico thinking about ‘Dancing With A Broken Heart’. I think about all these places and all these major moments. So I just think all these major discoveries, more discoveries on one album than I’ve ever had.”
I wish you were here
Instead of just in my dreams and my imagination
Confusing me completely from another dimension
Can you see the beauty from a new beginning somewhere?
The beginning of CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE dates as far back as 2009, soon after Delta wrapped duties on her “Believe Again” national Australian tour. Delta had a strong vision for the album from the outset and the music quickly began taking shape as she worked with friends, collaborators and celebrated songwriters/producers in their own right: Gary Clark, Vince Pizzinga and John Shanks.
Then one thing after another kept delaying the process – great things, most often. She relocated her life to Los Angeles; Andrea Bocelli invited her to tour the world; Michael Bolton heard a demo version of “I’m Not Ready” and asked to use it as the lead single on his own album, as a duet with Delta. And most recently, the singer was invited to take on the role of coach on the record-breaking The Voice Australia, an experience she found in equal parts challenging and so richly inspiring. “Knocked Out”, the last song to be recorded for the new album, was directly inspired by Delta’s time on the show.
The bulk of the recording of CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE took place in two of the most iconic music studios in the world – the famed Capitol and Henson Studios, both in Hollywood – with additional sessions taking place at Delta and Gary Clark’s respective home studios. One track, “I Lost All Love For You”, was captured in London with renowned Swedish producer Martin Terefe, while “Knocked Out” was brought to life in Sony Studios in Sydney, the very same room where Delta recorded “Born To Try” a decade earlier.
It was during a more recent trip back home to Sydney that Delta was inspired to add a whole new dimension to CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE. She asked her live touring band to join her in 301 Studios and, in a frenetic three-day session, Delta rearranged, reinterpreted, produced and rerecorded a dozen of these new songs how she originally wrote them in their acoustic form. These 12 acoustic readings of the songs, which present a completely different perspective to the fully produced versions of the compositions, will be presented as bonus tracks on CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE.
It’s certainly been a long and winding road to here, but now the journey is complete and the result is Delta Goodrem’s extraordinary new album, CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE.
With three number one albums already to her credit, countless number one and top 10 singles, multi-ARIA Awards, so many classic songs and over 6 million units sold worldwide – more than any other Australian artist in the past decade – Delta Goodrem’s phenomenal career so far speaks for itself.
And now, this is CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE. It’s not just another remarkable chapter in Delta Goodrem’s life and career – it’s a whole new beginning.