Project Description

Forever Diamond – Neil Diamond


Peter Byrne’s uncanny likeness to Neil Diamond has led to one of the hottest acts in town; an electrifying tribute to the superstar in a recreation of one of the greatest live albums of all time. 

Did you ever hear about the frog who dreamed of being a prince and then became one? Neil Diamond asked the question in one of his best known songs ‘I am I said’. Peter Byrne could well provide the answer.
The Irish-born Peter Byrne has come a long way from his early days singing solo in Sydney restaurants. He now packs out major venues across Australia, plays with a 40-piece orchestra and has his own fan club – and has his superstar Neil Diamond to thank.

Peter’s uncanny vocal resemblance to Diamond was picked up in those early gigs and he went from performing one or two of the superstar’s songs to constructing an entire show around his idol. “It wasn’t intentional, it just happened”, Peter said in a recent interview. People kept asking him to do Neil Diamond and he obliged. Peter, however, prefers to call his show a tribute rather than an impersonation.
He first joined a production show called ‘Idolz in Concert’ and then branched out on his own with the Neil Diamond Show which toured Australia in 1995. The following year Peter met the real Neil Diamond, who told him to keep up the good work! Peter first recreated ‘Hot August Night’ in 1997 with a mesmerising performance at Darling Harbour backed by a 40-piece orchestra. Peter presented every song on the album as Diamond recorded it, capturing the same display of energy and sensuality as the original, as well as the look and feel of the Greek Theatre of 1972.
From the electrifying opening bars of Crunchy Granola Suite, this is a recreation of one of the greatest live albums of all time. Peter Byrne, backed by a 40-piece orchestra, brings Neil Diamond to life in a huge concert spectacular – a spectacular show that only Diamond himself could surpass!