Project Description

Mental As Anything


A popular urban myth concerns a group of art students who passed themselves
off as a band in order to con the local publican into giving them a gig in
exchange for free beer. The deception worked better than intended, and the
group came to be known as Mental as Anything. Nearly three decades later,
they are still irritating the public with their highly listenable, idiosyncratic brand
of garage pop.

self‐explanatory single to reflect their success, The Nips Are Getting Bigger,
rose through the charts as did their fundamental understanding of the old
adage that ‘for every action there is a reaction’. Ahead lay a very lengthy pub
crawl which only the accomplished could survive.
1977‐ 16th August (the night Elvis died). MENTAL AS ANYTHING (Reg
Mombassa, Greedy Smith, Martin Plaza, Wayne ‘Bird’ Delisle and
Peter O’Doherty) perform together for the first time at the Cellblock
Theatre, East Sydney Tech. Start a year long residency at the Unicorn
Hotel, Sydney (using the pool table as their stage).
1978 ‐ Move to the Civic Hotel, Sydney, for another year long residency on a
larger stage.
1979 ‐ The Nips Are Getting Bigger and the album Get Wet hit Top 20 in
Australia. Nips released in UK, reaches indy Top 40.
1980 ‐ Come Around off the album Espresso Bongo hits Top 20. Release
another hit single (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet Dec ’80
1981 ‐ If You Leave Me Can I Come Too? & Too Many Times, two of the year’s
biggest singles off the Platinum Album Cats And Dogs. Too Many Times
goes to number 19 in Canada.
1982 ‐ Tour USA. Release single I Didn’t Mean To Be Mean (produced by Elvis
Costello). First single, Close Again, from the album Creatures Of
Leisure. Band tours U.S and Canada.
1983 ‐ Spirit Got Lost & Brain, Brain released off Top 10 album Creatures Of
Leisure. Also release cover of Roy Orbison’s Working For The Man. Too
Many Times hits Top 20 in Canada as the band tours Canada and USA
‐ First Group Art Exhibition, with works by each of the band members,
held at Watters Gallery, Darlinghurst (Sydney). Buyers included Patrick
White and Elton John. (White later bequeathed one of Reg’s works to
The Art Gallery of NSW)
1984 ‐ Apocalypso (Wiping The Smile Off Santa’s Face) the band’s only
Christmas single
1985 ‐ Fundamental As Anything – Platinum Best Selling Australian Album
‐ Live It Up ‐ Best Selling Australian Single
‐ singles You’re So Strong( No. 8) / Date With Destiny(No. 18)
‐ multi platinum Greatest Hits Vol I goes to No. 2 on the charts
‐ Live It Up received Apra award for most performed work and
Countdown award for best single and song writer.
1986 ‐ Live It Up –no.1 in Scandinavia No.2 in Germany and No.3 in the U.K
‐ Band tours UK, Holland, Spain and Italy (Band wins coveted Telegatto
award on Italian TV)
1987 ‐ Release Top 20 album Mouth To Mouth. Singles Let’s Go To Paradise &
He’s Just No Good For You also enter Top 20.
‐Also release a Top 40 cover of Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender
‐ Band tours UK again and then N.E. USA and Canada with Robert
1988 ‐ Rock & Roll Music from the film soundtrack YOUNG EINSTEIN reaches
No. 6 on the charts
1989 ‐ Another Top 40 Album ‐ Cyclone Raymond with the No.15World Seems
Difficult and top 5 hit Rock n Roll music.
1990 ‐ Then deputy Prime Minister, Paul Keating, opens second Mental As
Anything Art Exhibition with works by all five Mentals attracting huge
critical acclaim. It tours Tamworth at the Country Music Festival,
travelling on to Melbourne, Lismore, Campbelltown and back to
1993 ‐ Release B Sides and rarities album Chemical Travel
1994 ‐ Bicycle EP Tour ‐ limited copies of the EP given away to loyal fans
around the country
‐ Radio picks up Mr Natural off the Bicycle EP CD sampler
1995 ‐ The album Liar, Liar Pants on Fire enters the top 40, to glowing reviews,
and the single Mr Natural hits Top 30. Two other singles are released ‐
Nigel, which instantly becomes a radio hit, and Whole Wide World, a
cover originally written and recorded by Reckless Eric.
1996 ‐ Marianne, the final single from Liar, Liar…, is released and the band
retreat into the studio to work extensively on their new album., An
appearance at the Mountain Rock Festival in New Zealand, followed by
the Australian Tour with Chris Isaak and a tour of New Zealand with The
1997 – Release Garage LP. Mentals III art exhibition opened in Sydney by ex‐
PM Gough Whitlam. This exhibition then tours Australia continuously
till late 2002.
1998 ‐ Tour UK
1999 ‐ Bass player and songwriter Peter O’Doherty leaves the band to become
a full time painter. He goes on to win numerous art prizes and continues
to this day to have very successful exhibitions around Australia and
abroad. He is replaced by Rockhampton raised David Barraclough who
had spent the previous seven years as guitarist for New Zealand pop
rock idols The Exponents. He decides to switch to bass for The Mentals.
2000 ‐ Mentals play Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam on Australia day. Soon after,
Reg Mombassa leaves the band to concentrate on his art. He is a major
designer for the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics. He also
continues as a major designer for Mambo Surfwear and he continues to
have sell‐out exhibitions of his painting, drawing and print making, both
in Australia and overseas. Both Peter and Reg will continue to
successfully perform and record as Reg and Pete’s Dog Trumpet.
Meanwhile back in the Mentals, Reg is replaced on guitar by Murray
Cook, a gifted multi‐instrumentalist who has played with Midnight Oil,
Warumpi Band, Mixed Relations, Marlene Cummings, Leah Purcell and
Lock, Stock and Darryl. Recorded ”Beetroot Stains” album produced by
the band, recorded by David Barraclough, mixed by John Haeny,
Andrew Beck and Jonathon Burnside.
2001 ‐ Video clip for “Stretchmarks” directed by Mark Hartley.
Walkabout Club Shepherd’s Bush, London; King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut
Glasgow, and Whelan’s Pub, Dublin. Short but successful OS tour.
More touring across Oz.
2002 ‐ Murray Cook replaced on guitar by Mike Caen in March. Originally a
New Zealander, Mike is a most talented guitarist, songwriter and
composer (recorded by Darryl Braithwaite, Dragon and Marc Hunter
among others) and has played with Dragon, Jenny Morris, Margaret
Urlich, Pink Slips and Street Talk. He keeps in the band that bit of Kiwi
sensibility from Reg and Pete.“Roadcase” album recorded and Australia
2003 ‐ Release of ”Roadcase”. Recorded and mixed by David Barraclough and
the band. Continued touring in Australia. Mentals drop Cranium
Management and appoint Grant Bartlett as manager of Mental As
Anything touring.
2004 ‐ Continues touring. September ‐ David Twohill aka Wayne de Lisle aka
Bird is asked to leave. He is replaced by the charming and talented
Robbie Souter, drummer with the Dynamic Hepnotics and then Slim
Dusty for the last fifteen years of Slim’s career.
2005 ‐ Release of “Plucked”. An album of acoustic recordings of familiar
Mentals tunes for Liberation Blue. This shows Mentals classic
repertoire in a thoughtful mood. Produced by the band, mixed by John
Haeny (Linda Ronstadt, Little Feat and The Doors). This gives the new
line‐up a taste for recording to be realised with the sessions for a new
original studio album.
2006, 2007, 2008 ‐ The Mentals head into Electric Avenue Studios in Sydney to
lay down tracks for “Tents Up”. This is the most satisfying recording
experience for the band in a long time, but it turns out due to legal
issues, it will be a long time before it will be released. Most of the
tracks are mixed at Rocking Horse Studios, Federal in northern NSW, by
Steve James (“Rock n’ Roll Music” producer) and mastered by Aussie
Leon Zervos at Stirling Sound, New York. While this is going on, the
band is constantly touring Australia with detours to Shanghai and
Macau and a short tour of Port Moresby in early 2007.
2009 ‐ Warner Music Australia discover they have Mentals on their roster and
plan to relaunch the greatest hits. The revamped collection called
“Essential As Anything” contains “Close Again” and Martin Plaza’s solo
monster “Concrete n’ Clay”, and as a bonus Monumental 1 & 2 ‐ 37 of
the Mentals video clips on DVD for the first time ever. The band’s back
catalogue is now made available for digital download on iTunes. The
Mentals started out on vinyl records and have ended up on the net.
What next?
June 12 ‐ Release of new original album “Tents Up” on Warner Music ‐
the culmination of all the effort, blood, sweat and tears of the past most
tempestuous five years in the life of Mental As Anything.