Project Description

Ola Brazil

Dance Show Productions

Olá Brazil is an extravagant show experience which takes the audience on a dazzling and unforgettable journey through Brazil and other parts of Latin America. From Rio de Janeiro to Bahia, Buenos Aires to Havana, Olá Brazil brings you the colours, sounds and moves from the most exotic parts of the country. Our glamorous samba dancers, glittering costumes and Afro-Brazilian choreographies will give an energetic flavour to your event while batucada percussionists and professional Capoeira performers from Rio de Janeiro will impress your audience with their energetic rhythms and acrobatic combat.

Olá Brazil is a production which can be tailored to meet the requirements of any event, including corporate functions, weddings, birthday parties, hens and bucks nights, Christmas parties, New Year Celebrations, multicultural events and South American events, company celebrations, sporting events, gala nights, festivals, restaurants, community and night clubs, carnivals, marketing promotions, grand-openings and other celebrations. Shows can vary from several minutes to several hours in duration