Project Description

Raw Metal

Dance Show Productions

Raw Metal is Australia’s hottest Tap Dance Sensation! With their innovative performance style they have become one of Australia’s best-known dance groups.

Performing their own style of “Street Funk Tap”, Raw Metal combine explosive rhythms, pure comical genius, acrobatics and gold old fashion fun!! Raw Metal will leave you breathless and begging for more!

Whether you need an explosive, “in your face” five minute spectacular or a twenty-five minute extravaganza, Raw Metal will certainly fit the bill The five young energetic guys in Raw Metal deliver a heart stopping performance

With a unique dance style combining the fundamentals of tap with funk, hip-hop and acrobatics, Raw Metal is Australia’s hottest tap-dance sensation. Dishing up their own style of grunge/funk tap, the five members of Raw Metal (formerly including So You Think You Can Dance Australia’s Season one WINNER – Jack Chambers) beat out innovative and explosive rhythms in an array of heart stopping routines that has left audiences around the world begging for more.

“Raw Metal Dance Company is caffeine-fuelled double espresso funk tap – technically challenging and bouncy enough to make anyone’s blood race. It would probably be exhausting to watch if it weren’t so damn energising.” The Courier Mail