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f you want to know all about Ricki-Lee’s personal life, you could always just ask her. Or follow her on Facebook or Twitter. Or buy NW. Or… you get the idea. But Fear And Freedom, the brand new album from the Aussie pop diva, was made to tell you about something other than how many kilos she’s lost, or what being divorced in your 20s is like.

Fear And Freedom, although admittedly is intensely autobiographical, chronicles something else entirely: an until-now overlooked genuine musical talent and savvy businesswoman, all wrapped up in a pop package extraordinaire.
You see, this is Ricki-Lee Inc. – and Fear And Freedom is the CEO’s new mission statement.
“The public don’t realize Ricki-Lee is a true musician, confident and comfortable to get behind the microphone in any situation, with an insightful comment about all aspects of the creation process,” says Scott Horscroft, Vice President, A&R Labels, over at her brand new label EMI.
“Ricki-Lee is not a celebrity that can sing. She is a celebrity because she is one of Australia’s most hard working professionals, and is involved in every part of the creative process… and can sing like HELL!!”

“Lots of people don’t know that I write my own songs,” says Ricki-Lee. “They think that people give me songs and I just sing them. But before I was even signed to EMI I made this album. I went away and I spent my own money and got on a plane. I had no pressure, no opinions, no one telling me what kind of album to make. No one telling me what direction I should go in, or who to work with.”
Having not released an album since 2007’s Gold certified Brand New Day, and dumping the following album made with her last label, Ricki-Lee found herself lost – creatively and personally. Uninspired and disenchanted with the music industry, she took a step back from her pop career, only to re-emerge a stronger person – and in love.
“All of a sudden I found myself writing again. Everything I was writing was a shift in my sound, it was positive, uplifting, inspired, empowered. I had fallen in love again… I went into making this album with a defined idea before I had even stepped into the studio – and up until now I had never had a clear cut idea of who I was as an artist.”
Having undergone a shift both musically and personally, Ricki-Lee got down to business – approaching this ‘coming of age’ album almost as one would a debut. It was a chance to re-define whoRicki-Lee was as an artist, as a songwriter – and as a businesswoman.