Project Description

Sara Storer


Sara Storer first came to prominence as a singer/songwriter who was clearly following her heart to make music that mattered most to her. To all who heard her, there was little doubt that here was a unique talent. It was music that was proudly of and about this country, but crucially there was a sense that it was rooted firmly in the present.

Her fourth album, Silver Skies is filled with tales of lives and loves of those on the land but there is a much broader musical palette that shows her to be a contemporary of Missy Higgins and The Waifs as much as her country comrades. Most impressively Storer has moved forward without leaving anything behind.
Much of this change is laid at the feet of Matt Fell and Josh Cunningham (The Waifs) who produced an album that has garnered some impressive reviews.
Since the release of Silver Skies in November last year, Storer has toured with the Waifs and Suzanne Vega and appeared at the State Theatre with Paul, Kelly and Missy Higgins in a tribute to the music of Kev Carmondy.