Project Description

The Collective

X Factor

Jayden Sierra, 18, Sydney

Julian De Vizio, 17, Adelaide

Will Singe, 20, Sydney

Trent Bell, 22, Brisbane

Zach Russell, 22, Rockhampton

• Came together at Boot Camp where the judges created a ‘Super Group’ of individual contestants
• Jayden has been performing for years and has taken part in two seasons of Opera Australia
• Jayden was also into soccer but chose music over sport which caused him some grief from kids at school
• Julian started singing at 6 and has been in the choir at school and accapella groups
• Wil is a returnee to The X Factor. Made it to Guy’s Boot Camp last year
• Wil is a singer/songwriter but works in a bank to make money
• Trent has been to The X Factor three times. The first year, he made it to Boot Camp then last year all the way to the end of Guy’s Home Visit. This year, he has made the Top 12 in the ‘Super Group’
• Trent works in retail and has spent the last year in vocal training and speech therapy
• Zach and his older brother Aaron both auditioned for this year’s X Factor. Aaron didn’t make it past Boot Camp but Zach was selected to be part of the judges ‘Super Group’
• Zach works for his dad’s courier company
Zach always felt in the shadows of his older brother Aaron who was very popular so wasn’t until Zach started singing