Project Description

The String Collection

Electric Strings

Show-stopping, extravagant, stunning and energetic

THE STRING SELECTION is Australia’s premier all-female electric hip-hop string group thrilling audiences around the globe, from the competitive commercial pop music scene to the corporate kingdoms of today’s vibrant musical marketplace.

This group is a totally original experience developed by its own members; imagine sultry strings, flying fingers and bows with the luscious sounds of the string orchestra. THE STRING SELECTION is a combination of rare talents from classical backgrounds to nightclub performances, crafted together to create ‘THE STRING SELECTION SHOW,’ performing their own original music to their catchy remixes of some of the most loved classical tunes, that is an extensive selection of what can only be described as a fusion of the string orchestra crossed with the freshest pop beats from the hip-hop, dance and Latino genres of music. 

Never before has a string group such as THE STRING SELECTION been available to the market. Not just a collection of the finest, young, glamorous and virtuosic string players from around the country, but they also hold extensive musical training, recording and international touring experience, making them some of the country’s most impressive, skillful and professionally sought out talent.