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Maske Electric Strings Maske is the leading group in Australia, New Zealand and Asia performing classical pop music exclusively on Yamaha Silent Electric instruments. This show has been specially designed as a high impact spectacle of lights, costumes, glamour and intense musical virtuosity! BOOK NOW These highly trained performers are currently [...]

The String Collection

The String Collection Electric Strings Show-stopping, extravagant, stunning and energetic – THE STRING SELECTION is Australia’s premier all-female electric hip-hop string group thrilling audiences around the globe, from the competitive commercial pop music scene to the corporate kingdoms of today’s vibrant musical marketplace. BOOK NOW This group is a totally original experience [...]

String Diva

String Diva Electric Strings String Diva combines the extraordinary talents of three stunning and talented young musicians performing music the world adores. With clever world-class musical arrangements, String Diva proudly place their unique stamp on both the gracefully choreographed music they play and the way special event and concert audiences are entertained around [...]

Strings on Fire


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